<![CDATA[Better Rider - Blog]]>Fri, 01 Jan 2016 16:19:19 +0530Weebly<![CDATA[The Purchase]]>Wed, 09 Dec 2015 12:55:15 GMThttp://beterrider.weebly.com/blog/the-purchaseI had an opportunity to go on a trip to a place near Manali in Jammu & Kashmir. The trip cost was INR 17,000 plus some additional expenses for food and traveling. The total would have been around INR 20,000. I had a feeling this is too expensive for a 7-8 days trip. I had left my last job 9 months back and was without an income source since then. I also knew that no matter how happy this trip made me, the happiness wouldn't last long. At that time I had an idea that I can buy a used motorcycle for around INR 25,000 which would last much longer, provide me convenience on a daily basis and more importantly give me the freedom to travel anywhere anytime. I had been putting off living my life for too long. So I decided that I would not go to the trip and buy a used motorcycle instead.

I started searching for used bikes on the internet (bike specific sites + general buy and sell sites). I had selected Bajaj Pulsar 135 as the bike of my choice due to its looks, price range and fuel economy. This process turned out to be harder than I thought. Some of the sites had old listings (I gave them a shot anyway), many had invalid and wrong phone numbers (still somehow they were verified), some were sold out, some were too expensive and many had lied about the bike's and ownership's details. Out of every 100 listings I was able to get only 3-5 valid deals. After around 10 days of searching I ran out of deals and patience. I decided to buy a new bike instead.

I had a liking for the Yamaha FZ series bikes mainly due to their looks since they were launched. But when I compared the prices of all the prospective bikes, I realized they were expensive. The same went for Honda bikes which weren't even good looking although they had the advantage of better build quality. However when compared to Bajaj bikes all others were left behind. Bajaj Pulsar had the best combination of looks, power, fuel efficiency, maintenance, availability & weight. Just for comparison Yamaha FZ bikes were more expensive, had less power and yet were less fuel efficient. So my choice for the new motorcycle quickly became the Bajaj Pulsar 150.

This was not surprising considering the fact that it was the most popular bike in India and had caused a paradigm shift in the 2 wheeler market when it was launched 10-12 years back. There were 8-10 copy models made from Pulsar in other Asian countries including China. This was something to be proud of. Others copying the Pulsar also meant that Bajaj was doing something (actually many things) right. Incidentally the quarter in which I purchased my Pulsar 150 turned out to be most profitable quarter ever for Bajaj.

After making some inquiries in the local shops I ordered Pulsar 150 in Black colour. It would take around 15 days to get the unit and get it registered. In the mean time I searched and ordered the riding gear: Pro-Biker gloves, ankle length - steel toe cap - leather shoes and a Vega riding jacket. All of which were delivered before the bike was registered and handed over to me. Finally after some delays I received the keys and ofcourse the bike in June 2015.